HORMONE & FERTILITY CONSULTATION: (usually £110 - now £55)
What would it be like if it was just normal for you to:
  • have consistent, steady energy throughout your day
  • enjoy a deep sleep each night and waking up rested
  • have a period comes and goes with minimal cramping and no disruption to your life
  • stop raging PMS symptoms
  • fully optimise and improve your fertility
  • move through Perimenopause with the least discomfort possible
  • eliminate your cravings + stabilise your weight
  • improve libido and feel good in your body again
  • understand your own hormones in a way you were never taught in school
  • have someone walk you through your hormone test results step by step
  • learn the connection your digestion, liver, adrenal and thyroid health all have to your overall hormonal health
  • enjoy your life without the constant struggle of hormone related symptoms!
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Let's chat and see how I can help you make this a reality.

Your consultation includes: 

  • Review of a comprehensive hormone health assessment
  • Nutrition review
  • Access to advanced hormone + gut tests + analysis (additional cost)
  • Support from a certified  Functional Nutrition Coach and Practitioner with over a decade experience in women's holistic health.

When you book below, I will email your hormone health assessment and my calendar to book your appointment.  Consults can be done over phone/zoom or in person from Devata Holistic Centre, Portadown.