Mind - Body - Baby

Mind - Body - Baby

The Fertility Program with a difference!  This online program will guide you through everything you can do to make sure your body, mind, emotions and spirit are in the best shape ever to conceive your baby!

Mind - Body - Baby



Even though you have tried ALL the things....

  • Cycle tracking, determining ovulation, intercourse timed to military precision and legs up the wall afterwards
  • Eating the rainbow of vegetables and taking the best supplements
  • Mindfulness, meditation and yoga to calm your stress head
  • Acupuncture, herbal remedies, reflexology, massage
  • Maybe even IVF or ICSI...

But you're STILL not pregnant.

I know all about it babe, a few years ago i was in the same boat as you are now!

Don't get me wrong, all of those things are GOOD, some of them super important, like knowing when you ovulate! 
And I believe it's a necessity to reduce those stress hormones anyway you can...

However I had a feeling that there was something BIGGER in the way of me conceiving my baby.

Being a holistic therapist, I had an understanding of how emotional trauma can cause physical problems.

I just knew that there were experiences from my past that I needed to acknowledge and release.

I also knew I was chronically stressed, and that was affecting how I thought about myself and my ability to conceive.

I knew I had some deeper work to do, and I was 100% willing to do it, to face it and to clear it once and for all...because nothing was more important than me meeting my baby and becoming a mother.

Can you relate?

If yes, let me share with you the TWO most important things I learned on my fertility journey....

1. Your mind and body ARE connected.

1. Your mind and body ARE connected.

Your body hears everything your subconscious mind tells it.

Your thoughts form your beliefs about your fertility.

A belief is simply a thought you have had over and over until it becomes a  TRUTH to you.  However it is not necessarily true...

You might be telling yourself things like "I'm too old to get pregnant", "I'm not healthy enough", "It's really difficult for me"

I learned that reframing your thoughts is KEY for pregnancy success!  

And let me assure you, this goes WAY beyond positive affirmations!

1. Your mind and body ARE connected.

2. Unprocessed emotions stay in your body, and can 100% affect fertility

2. Unprocessed emotions stay in your body, and can 100% affect fertility

Everyone experiences emotional events or trauma, and when left unprocessed, that energy stays in your body, causing stagnation, which can eventually lead to physical problems.  

When you're trying to make a baby, you definitely don't want stagnation around your reproductive organs. 

While one of my favourite ways to release emotional energy is abdominal massage, I found many of us need a little bit more...we need to energetically release trapped emotions from our physical body.

Often this means acknowledging some painful times and past traumas...but it can be very easy to do, and while working with a skilled professional is preferred, I can help you to release these yourself.

2. Unprocessed emotions stay in your body, and can 100% affect fertility

My 5 Steps to Pregnancy Process:

Prime your body

I believe the mind and the emotions are definitely an integral part of the process, but we cannot ignore the basic foundations of good health and fertility.  

Believe it or not, getting your body in the best shape for a baby, is not as complicated as the myriad of google articles make it seem.  

There are just 2 basic foods to add to your diet that will increase egg and sperm health. 

There is one eating plan that I believe is the best for fertility, but I will also share a few others for you in case it doesn't appeal.

This course includes a 30 day meal plan with yummy receipes included + a detox plan as a bonus!

I also share with you the best nutrients to keep your hormones balanced and the best ways to exercise for optimal fertility.

Rewrite your story

We will delve deep into your beliefs and thoughts around your fertility and flip the switch in your mind.  This is easier than you might think, and is KEY!

Release trapped emotions

Holding onto unprocessed experiences from your past is the root of all physical imbalance in the body.  I teach you emotional releasing techniques you can do on yourself to not only help fertility, but to totally transform your life!

Expect your baby

How would it feel to truly, deeply, believe that your baby is on it's way to you?  I get that this can be difficult, especially when faced with physical problems, but I have the method to remove all doubt and shift into the energy that you ARE pregnant and a mother!  

Prep your womb

Your womb will be your baby's home for 9 months so we want to prep it into a cozy place for your embryo to implant and your baby to be safe and sound.

Some of the tools I teach for womb health include womb massage, steaming, reflexology, essential oils and energetic womb activation.

Paying attention to your womb will not only help period problems but create an open welcome space, with adequate blood flow to help your embryo stick.

What's inside the program?

6 modules with videos lessons covering fertility from a holistic perspective: Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit and more.... Plus step by step self massage videos to do throughout your cycle to boost your fertility. All can be accessed on the go from our app!

Module 1: CYCLE

Module 1: CYCLE

Module 1: CYCLE
  • How to understand your menstrual cycle to get pregnant.

  • Know your fertility biomarkers - these are signs that you are fertile.

  • How to find your fertile window, and why some women's are shorter than you think.

  • Sex and how to spice it up for pregnancy success.


Module 2: MIND

Module 2: MIND

Module 2: MIND
  • How your subconscious mind holds the secret key to your success.

  • How your beliefs about yourself and your fertility are formed.

  • Ho to release the stress and worry around: "What if i never get pregnant".

  • How to rewrite your story and reprogram your worried mind to a fertile mind.
Module 3: BODY

Module 3: BODY

Module 3: BODY
  • Hormone balancing made easy.
  • How to detox estrogen dominance and increase progesterone.
  • Your personalised hormone balancing protocol.
  • Nutrition for egg & sperm health.
  • How to exercise through your cycle for optimal fertility.
Module 4: EMOTIONS

Module 4: EMOTIONS

Module 4: EMOTIONS
  • What are trapped emotions and how they affect fertility.

  • How to identify trapped emotions and release them.

  • How to prevent emotions becoming trapped, including an energy balancing routine that takes just 5 mins a day.
  • I show you an example session of me releasing trapped emotions from my body...

    I got pregnant the next cycle after making this video, at age 40!

Module 5: BELIEVE

Module 5: BELIEVE

Module 5: BELIEVE
  • My secret sauce that I previously have only shared with my 1:1 clients.  

  • How to believe with every cell of your body that you ARE expecting your baby.

  • A guided conception hypnosis track.
  • Is your baby already around you and how to connect?
  • Why positive affirmations don't work, and what to do instead.
Module 6: WOMB

Module 6: WOMB

Module 6: WOMB
  • How to physically cleanse and prep your womb for implantation.

  • A process to emotionally and energetically heal your womb.

  • Womb activation and energetic healing process for releasing stagnant energy and emotions from your womb.
  • Self womb massage, reflexology and essential oil protocols to use through each phase of your cycle. 

    Simple videos that you can follow along with!  You can download the kajabi app and access everything from your phone.

I'm in, how do I join?

Only £297

You can pay in full or choose a payment plan below

PAY in full: £297 3 Monthly Payments of £99

Hi, I'm Lynn



Lynn Doak is a holistic therapist specialising in women's womb wellness, emotional healing and cyclical living.

Her integrative approach intertwines over 20 years of deep study into Ayurveda, Mayan Medicine, Eastern Massage Therapy, Fertility Massage, Ancestral Womb Healing, Hypnotherapy and the Mind-Body Connection.  She holds certifications in a multitude of energywork and bodywork modalities including The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Ayurvedic Massage Therapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy.

She has worked with hundreds of women in-person and virtually around the globe and is now teaching her methods in the Fertile Woman Coach Practitioner Program.  

Get more details HERE.


How long is the course?

There are 6 modules delving into the CYCLE, BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS, BELIEF and WOMB.  You have lifetime access to these and can go at your own pace.

What is included in this program?

6 modules with video lessons, workbooks, meditations, and healing processes, personalised hormone protocols, self massage video instructions, recipes, meal plans and more!

If you picked up the early bird bonuses you also get a Hypnoenergytherapy group session with me and a 30 day detox plan!


Does this program include a specific nutrition plan?

Yes there is a recipe book full of fertility foods for both omnivores and vegetarians.  While I do believe in a mind-body-emotions approach first, good nutrition really is the foundation of your health and the health of your baby.

Does this program require me to purchase any additional supplements?

They are not required, they are optional. I give you my recommendations but you are welcome to research your own.  Just ensure they contain pure FOLATE (not folic acid) which is much better for you and baby!

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Yep!  See below.

I'm in, how do I join?

Only £297

You can pay in full or choose a payment plan below

PAY in full: £297 3 Monthly Payments of £99