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Emotional Freedom Practitioner

This is one of four new courses coming this year, each one will represent the holistic pillars of

Emotional Freedom Practitioner is the flagship EMOTIONS course.

🔥While this course will cover the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) it goes SO much deeper than that.

This course if for you if you want to start fully releasing emotional trauma from your body.

You may take it for personal healing, or complete a small number of sessions as case studies and receive an accredited certification.

This course also includes my signature Root Cause Release technique, for finding and easily releasing the root emotional cause of any dis-ease or problem.

The course will include:

💥What energy psychology is and how restoring energy flow is the key to healing.

💥The bodies meridian channels and acupressure points associated with tapping.

💥How to energy test to get yes/no answers through the body's electrical system.

💥The root emotional cause of the most common dis-eases and how to use tapping to release these from the body, installing new positive energy instead.

💥The Art and Science of EFT

💥Psychological Reversal & Secondary Gain

💥Shifting limiting belief systems

💥How emotional events imprint on the brain and store in the body

💥Why Energy Medicine works to rewire the brain in trauma

💥Tell the Story, Movie Technique and Tearless Trauma Technique for working with traumatic events

💥How to release the freeze response with Meridian Tapping

💥The connection between trauma and addictions

💥Working with Pain and Physical Symptoms

💥Working with Fear, Anxiety and chronic stress

💥Working with weight issues

If you are ready to transform your health, your relationships and your vision of who you truly are, then come join us to learn EFT Tapping!

This is a 4 week live course, via zoom on Tuesday evenings 6.30pm-9.30pm from 20 September. All zoom recordings will be put into an online portal so you can watch later if you cannot come live.

💥 BONUS 1: You will also get access to my online course TRAUMA INFORMED, which is extremely important before working with clients with emotional trauma.

💥💥 BONUS 2: Tapping scripts on:

• EFT for Addiction
• EFT for Phobias and Fears
• EFT for Relationships
• EFT for Pain
• EFT for Weight
• EFT for Guilt

Hurry to book and get the introductory pricing of just £297 (will be £497 in 2023)

Pay in full:  £297

Payment plan:  £160 x 2 payments - https://www.lynndoak.com/offers/AGEkoejS