How to be a wildly successful Hormone health practitioner

Live training for women wanting to work in the hormone health field. 

Hey, I'm Lynn

I see you. You’ve been trying to figure out this ‘hormone’ thing for a long time.

Think of me as your hormone fixer upper! 

It's my passion to help women find out what is really going on with their hormonal health and to fix it for good!

I also teach aspiring hormone wellness professionals how to support women as a hormone practitioner who incorporates a true root cause mind-body-emotions approach.

I have over a decade of experience and I am a certified Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner & Hormone Specialist.


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30 Day Hormone Reset

Fatigue, mood swings, acne, low libido, infertility, weight gain, PMS & period problems...these are all signs your hormones are imbalanced. The 30 day hormone reset, looks at 3 foundational steps to get those chemical messengers working optimally again.  Imagine in just 30 days you could be feeling like a new woman!

Starts April

Aligned Hormone & Hypnosis Practitioner

Become a women's hormone health practitioner with an edge. This certification program goes deep into hormone, gut, nutrition and lab testing training plus our "secret weapon" - Hypnotherapy!  This training is all you need to start or grow your wellness career!


Starts May

Wellness Course Creator

The mentorship for wellness professionals who want to create a signature online course, or certification course. 
If you are fully booked, or feeling burnt out from 1:1 clients, its time to create a course and share your health transformations with the masses while earning passive profit.   Do the work once and make money from your course for years to come!

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Aligned Hormone & Hypnosis Practitioner

This next level training will certify you as a holistic hormone health specialist and hypnotherapist.

To my knowledge, there is no other program that combines deep study into women's hormonal health, nutrition, gut health, adrenal health, detoxification and emotional healing alongside rewiring the neural pathways through hypnosis.

This diploma course can be studied 100% online, with a wealth of support and practice sessions with other students.

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Practitioner Programs

Take one of our accredited diplomas in women's holistic wellness


A deep healing journey for women. Connection to the divine mother, mother earth and her elements, and complete healing of womb shadows, mother & father wounding, period problems, irregular cycles, fertility and transitioning to the wise woman phase in menopause.

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The most exciting women's wellness certification around!  Learn how to help women of all ages reclaim their hormone health, restore fertility and have a calm birth - all in one program!

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Specialise in the field of women's reproductive health & wellness in your Reflexology business. This course covers menstrual cycle phases, fertility, reproductive conditions, pregnancy and even baby reflexology!

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The Aligned Hormone & Hypnosis Practitioner Program

Be one of the first practitioners in this exciting new modality!