Interested in being a women's hormone health expert?

Do you have a passion for helping women with their health in a natural, holistic way? Download my Roadmap to becoming a hormone expert to start your journey to a new rewarding career today. Plus learn my secret weapon to standing out from the crowd as a practitioner!



{free guide} The 6 steps to repairing your hormones:

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Hey, I'm Lynn


I'm your all round hormone fixer upper, real food lover, holistic warrior and fortysomething mum of two.

I am a certified Functional Hormone Nutrition Coach, Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist & Teacher.

I LOVE helping women find the answers they've been looking for about their health.

I spent many years specialising in holistic fertility therapy, including maya abdominal massage, reproductive reflexology, and later developed my own modality - Womb Wisdom massage.

Now having graduated as a Functional Nutrition coach, my passion is combining the power of food as medicine with the rewiring of the subconscious mind to ensure success in lifestyle changes.

I work with women of all ages from young women with periods problems, to women hoping to be mothers, to women navigating perimenopause.

Another BIG passion of mine is teaching women to be successful holistic practitioners, and mentor them in taking their wellness biz online for more ease and wealth!

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Work with Me

The Hormone Rewire

A 6 month hormone repairing membership with Lynn guiding you through her 6 step hormone balancing protocol.  This program will take you back to the woman you used to be.  Think more energy, libido, better moods, improved fertility, sailing through's all possible with hormone rewire!

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Hormone Hypnosis Practitioner

Become a women's hormone expert with an edge. This certification program goes deep into hormone, gut, & nutrition training plus training in our "secret weapon" - Hypnotherapy!  This training is all you need to start or grow your wellness career!


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Hormone or Fertility Consultations

Let's find out what's really going on with your hormones.  If you feel dismissed by your doctor, and want some answers, book a consultation with Lynn - currently only £55 available by phone, zoom or in person at Devata Holistic Centre, Portadown.

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Practitioner Programs

Take one of our accredited diplomas in women's holistic wellness


A deep healing journey for women. Connection to the divine mother, mother earth and her elements, and complete healing of womb shadows, mother & father wounding, period problems, irregular cycles, fertility and transitioning to the wise woman phase in menopause.

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The most exciting women's wellness certification around!  Learn how to help women of all ages reclaim their hormone health, restore fertility and have a calm birth - all in one program!

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Specialise in the field of women's reproductive health & wellness in your Reflexology business. This course covers menstrual cycle phases, fertility, reproductive conditions, pregnancy and even baby reflexology!

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Womb Wisdom Practitioner


My signature certification program based on over a decade of working with the womb, fertility and empowering women to know the natural solutions to their period problems.
This diploma can be studied online, with an option of a 3 day in person training.
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The Hormone Hypnosis Practitioner Program

Be one of the first practitioners in this exciting new modality!