Empowering women's right to health and wealth.

There are natural solutions to every problem, and we are on a mission to educate and empower women from menarche to menopause that you can be your own health advocate. 

Health is wealth, but that doesn't mean we don't deserve to be financially wealthy too.  In fact, it is the one way to being truly free.  That's why part of our mission is supporting women in the health and healing profession to be wildly successful.

"No person is better than another, we all have the same opportunities to grow, to heal, to succeed,  The first step is to know you are worth it." 

"You can be, do, have anything you want.  Make a daily practice of connecting with your higher self and lead from there, not your personality.  When connected, then take action toward having all you desire" - Lynn Doak

Lynn Doak: Functional Hormone Nutrition Coach, Hypnotherapist & Certified Teacher.

Lynn has worked in the field of women's hormonal and reproductive healing since 2009 and is passionate in teaching women of all ages about knowing her cycles, and connecting with her womb space for deep, generational healing.

As a functional health coach she works in a completely holistic way, weaving together the healing power of food, with the cycles and seasons of life, and  emotional stress healing.

Having seen the powerful changes hypnosis and had on her own personal transformation, Lynn went on to practicing and then teaching hypnotherapy.

While her passion still lies in helping women heal hormonally, it is also her mission to help other wellness professionals develop their wealth consciousness and create the business of their dreams.

Lynn has been teaching holistic massage and reflexology courses since 2013 in Devata Holistic Centre, Portadown and now also teaches Hormone Hypnosis & Womb Wisdom online certifications to women worldwide.


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