To Lead By Example


To empower and inspire women to know that there are natural solutions to every problem.  To take a mind-body-emotions approach to healing and to building a life they desire and deserve.  

"You can be, do, have anything you want, first you have to BE the soul, not the persona, then take action toward having all you desire" - Lynn Doak

To walk with you in support and love and be your guide to really truly knowing yourself, your body, your mind and soul.

Lynn Doak: Functional Hormone Health Coach, Hypnotherapist & Certified Teacher.

Lynn has worked in the field of women's hormonal and reproductive healing since 2009 (and many lifetimes ago) and is passionate in teaching women of all ages about knowing her cycles, and connecting with her womb space for deep, generational healing.

As a functional health coach she works in a completely holistic way, weaving together the healing power of food, with the cycles and seasons of life, and  emotional stress healing.

Having seen the powerful changes both hypnosis and tapping (EFT) had on her own transformation, Lynn went on to practicing and then teaching those modalities.

While her passion still likes in helping women heal, it is also her mission to help other wellness professionals develop their wealth consciousness and create the business of their dreams.

Lynn has been teaching holistic massage and reflexology courses since 2013 and just recently founded the B. Me Academy - online courses to not only guide you through your own personal journeys, but to teach you to practitioner level so you can share the work with your own community.

"No person is better than another, we all have the same opportunities to grow, to heal, to succeed,  The first step is to know you are worth it." - Lynn Doak

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