Emotional Freedom Practitioner

Tap into the next dimension of healing..

Are you ready to acquire true emotional resilience and help your clients release the root of the emotional blocks that are holding them back in life?


Do you dream of a thriving healing practice?

  • You know the root of every dis-ease or problem is emotional, right? How would you like to tap deep into the root cause for your clients?
  • Are you seeing clients with chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, sleep issues, fertility problems and all the other horrible physical problems related to emotional stress?  Tapping can really change their life for the better. 
  • Or maybe you prefer to support people with their emotional resiliance, self mastery or spiritual awakening? service releasing wounding and energy blocks through tapping, can speed up the healing and ascension journey.

Imagine this...

  • Clear stressful situations quickly, without repressing emotions.
  • Get to the core of unworthiness & "not good enough" beliefs.
  • Tap out the triggers that are causing emotional turmoil, anger & anxiety.
  • Reveal the past events linked to physical dis-ease (they probably aren't as obvious as you think!)
  • Create clarity & reduce overwhelm & procrastination.
  • Clear cultural conditioning and ancestral wounding.
  • Build emotional resilience & self love.
  • Tap into true power and life purpose

“Healing unresolved trauma, is the only path to true soul freedom. ”


Emotional Freedom Practitioner

The tool for releasing the trapped emotions that are at the root of all issues.

 The Emotional Freedom course can be taken for your own personal healing and transformation

Upon completion of assessment questions, you can get a practitioner certificate and help others make huge shifts too!

How Would This Change Your Life?

By the end of this program,
you’ll be able to:

  • Confidently put together a tapping routine for any issue imaginable!  
  • Know how to recognise your own triggers and tap out your trauma.
  • Learn invaluable tools to use for the rest of your life, and teach your children too!
  • Work one to one with clients to tap out trauma, addictions, health issues, self worth issues and much more..
  • Lead group tapping sessions online or in person.
  • Set up professionally as an Emotional Freedom Practitioner.

Here’s what you’re going to get:


Meet on zoom once a week for 4 weeks for group tapping


Recorded video modules to explain the techniques


Answer assessment questions to get certified

What you will learn:

This is PERFECT for you if...

  • want to work on your own issues
  • learn a powerful new tool to quickly overcome stress
  • learn how to regulate and process your emotions 
  • teach your children how to regulate emotions and have courage and confidence
  • work with others in a professional setting to help them with a variety of emotional and physical issues.

your investment


Pay in full 




3 monthly payments


let me guide you

I am so passionate about teaching tapping, I want it to be as common as brushing your teeth morning and night. 


I have seen the profound results in my own personal life with tapping and I doubt I would be able to cope without it!

The first round of this course is recorded LIVE on zoom, so you have me to guide you through group tapping sessions, and really get to the core of your own issues.

Plus I'm there to answer all your questions!

So don't delay in signing up, because the next round won't have the same level of support from me.

Final Call To Action!