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4 monthly payments

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Circadian Fertility Program

If you feel like you have tried everything and still aren’t pregnant, the Circadian Fertility Program is for you.


I am here to help.

Are any of these statements you right now?


  • “Why can’t my doctors find what’s wrong with me, why can’t they fix me”?
  • “What am I doing wrong?  Am I eating wrong, exercising wrong…why me”?
  • “I am thinking of doing Clomid, IUI or IVF but I’m not sure if its best for me”?
  • “I’ve already went down the road of IUI / IVF but it didn’t work for me”
  • “I’m tired of trying to figure this all out myself”
  • “I know it’s time to put my entire focus on getting pregnant naturally and you want a fertility expert to tell you EXACTLY what to do.


I do things a little bit differently to the average holistic therapist…
I like to find the root cause of what is causing your problems.

Often i can tell just from the consultation what that root cause could be, but I can also help you order advanced testing that will be able to tell you things, your doctor never could.

Here’s what’s included when you choose to work with me to get pregnant:

❤️  Reset your hormones  - the circadian way is the best ways to reset hormone balance, and it comes from mother nature, not a pill or supplement bottle.

Even if your hormone tests from your GP came back "normal", if you can't get pregnant, you have a hormone imbalance on some level (usually Cortisol)


❤️ Heal your gut - when the gut microbiome is imbalanced, it leads to inflammation, inflammation is recognised by the body as STRESS (not a safe time to conceive).  When the fertility microbiome is imbalanced it will impact pregnancy success.  It’s a hidden cause that most women don’t think to look at.


❤️ Manage your Mitochondria - this is the missing link when it comes to egg and sperm quality!


❤️ Regulate your nervous system - stress is the dominant factor in ALL infertility cases.  Yes, even when you don’t feel stressed.  Emotional stressors are the main ones we work with in this program.


❤️ Holistic therapies to ease you through each cycle like Womb Wisdom massage and Reproductive Reflexology 

(If you’re working with me online, I teach you how to do these on yourself)


You will get: 
3 x sessions per month for 4 months

2 x sessions per month for 6 months

4-6 months is usually the sweet spot i see women getting pregnant at.  Of course this varies, some get pregnant after 1 month, some don't till much later but on average with my program its 4 months.

  1. Monthly challenges to make the changes you need to your body and mind
  2. Hypnosis tracks to calm your nervous system and reprogram your mind for pregnancy success
  3. Meal plans + recipes - so there’s no confusion on what you should and should not eat
  4. Videos of self massage and reflexology techniques for you to do at home
  5. Mineral & Nutrient deficiency test - so we know if you need supplements and exactly which type 
  6. DUTCH (dried urine) Hormone test - more accurate and more markers than a blood test 
  7. Optional GI Map gut test 

The investment is £2447, if you pay in full you get a pair of blue light blocker glasses included!

Or 4 monthly payments of £620

Or 6 monthly payments of £420

Want to chat with me first?  Book a phone consultation: https://www.lynndoak.com/consultation - if you decide to do the program, this fee will be refunded.