Womb Wisdom Practitioner

Healing the woman through the wisdom of the seasons and cycles of life.

Imagine being able to naturally support young women with their menstrual cycle, to heal the womb for healthy periods and fertility and to honour the phase of menopause for the wise woman...now you can.

Read on..

Be a leader in the feminine rising.

This program is for you if:

You are tired of the misinformation out there around women's reproductive health and wellness.

You are ready to help bust some myths and support women of all ages to live in sync with their cycles, instead of suffering every month.

You want to learn ancient wisdom and healing practices that have been lost in the western world.

You might need healing for yourself first, and that's okay because as we heal we RISE.

Imagine this...

  • Young women being taught how to understand their natural cycle, not forced to take a pill to "regulate" or "fix" things.
  • Periods being painfree, not a curse.
  • Women who desire to have children, knowing and trusting in their body's natural ability, not rushed down the IVF route.
  • An understanding of how repressed emotions cause all physical dis-ease.
  • Education around what's actually happening during perimenopause and alternatives to HRT.
  • Women's mood, energy & libido being as important as mens, regardless of age.

A world like this is truly possible, and it's not as difficult as you may have been led to believe...all we need is more wayshowers, more educators, more natural wellness practitioners who know and practice the ancient traditions.

I'm ready for this!

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life


Womb Wisdom Practitioner

Ancient healing for modern women.

Womb Wisdom Practitioner blends ancient wisdom with practical tools to support women from menarche through to menopause.

Ready to change your life and the lives of women in your community?

By the end of this program,
you’ll be able to:

  • Set up in professional practice as a Womb Wisdom Practitioner. Yes, we are accredited.
  • Work with women one to one in a 12 week program designed to give them maximum results for their problems.
  • Offer individual Womb Wisdom massages.
  • Offer consultations via zoom  - work with women worldwide!
  • Choose your niche in menstrual health, cyclical living, fertility, menopause or work with all females of any age!
  • Lead healing circles for women.
  • Pass on the "Rite of the womb"
  • Go on to teach Womb Wisdom massage in your community (additional investment for license required)

Here’s what you’re going to get:


Ancient wisdom on the cycles and seasons of life, the period as the 5th vital sign, fertility biomarkers, cycle charting, fertility and menopause support.


Body massage focused on the abdomen, womb & sacrum designed around a woman's cycle for optimum balance.


Designed to move with the elements of earth, fire, air, water, ether - be able to guide women through challenges with simple lifestyle changes.


Learn to hold cyclical healing circles in your community or online with our done for you workshop materials. 

What people asked before signing up:

This program is PERFECT for you if...

  • You are passionate about natural health and women's wellness.
  • You are intrigued about ancient healing practices that teach how to live in sync with the cycles and seasons.
  • You have gone through your own healing journey and want to share your experience and wisdom.
  • You are a wellness professional like a massage therapist, reflexologist, health coach etc - bonus but not required.
  • You would love to teach womens healing circles or go on to teach Womb Wisdom massage.
I'm ready to sign up!

3 day live event

Our in person training will be profoundly self healing for you.


Be prepared to dive deep into the story your womb has to tell, to release womb shadows and wounds and receive the rite of the womb in our divine mother healing circle.

Each day we will connect with a different element of the earth to guide us through that particular season of the cycle.  This is a way of honouring the divine mother, while you learn the ancient wisdom and practical massage. skills.

See below for a day by day of what happens in this training.

The 3 day training (this info will also be in the online portal):

Day 1

We work with the elements of the earth & water.

We learn to support "the maiden" - the menstruating female.

How to work with a woman in the springtime of her cycle.

Learn about cyclical living and the ebbs and flow of a woman's cycle and the moon cycle.

Practice the Womb Wisdom abdominal massage.

Day 2

We work with the element of fire.

We learn to support "the mother" - fertility

How to work with a woman in her summer and early autumn phase.

The importance of blood flow and uterus positioning on period health and fertility.

Learn the fertility biomarkers, how to confirm ovulation by accurately charting cycles.

Practice leg and hip massage to promote blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Day 3

We work with the elements of air & ether.

How to work with a woman in her late autumn & winter phase.

How you can understand a woman's health just by looking at her period.

We learn to support "the crone" - menopause 

How to prevent prolapse of the womb.

Practice the full Womb Wisdom massage + additional ancient healing techniques.

Receive "The Rite of the womb" and pass it onto other women.

What you get in the online learning modules:

PLUS get a full professional recording of Womb Wisdom Massage...

  • along with week by week protocols of healing tools and massage techniques to use throughout the cycle - as taught in the 3 day training.
  • cautions with the massage when trying to conceive
  • working with women having assisted conception 
  • case studies and support

Emotional Freedom Practitioner

Bonus #1

The first bonus is an additional certificate in Emotional Freedom which consists of Root Cause Release - a form of muscle testing to find stored emotions in the body  and EFT (tapping), one of the best known modalities for navigating our emotions.

FERTILE FLOW™ - 12 week fertility program.

Bonus #2


Get access to my Fertile Flow program - this is the exact 12 week program I guided my 1:1 fertility clients through for many years with great success.  It contains week by week mind-body exercises for you to share with your clients including journalling, self womb massage, self reflexology with essential oils and self hypnosis.


Bonus #3

Video demos of TIME Techniques - which are a type of NLP technique to help clients with limiting beliefs and emotions blocking their energy such as fear, guilt & shame.


Get a pay in full discount of £203 or chose the payment plan option.



Pay in full

  • Womb Wisdom practitioner certificate
  • 3 day live training
  • online learning portal
  • private facebook group, live Q&As
  • marketing materials + healing circle materials.
  • pay in full discount of £203


6 monthly payments - certificate not given until paid in full.

Payment plan

  • Womb Wisdom practitioner certificate
  • 3 day live training
  • online learning portal
  • private facebook group, live Q&As
  • marketing materials + healing circle materials.

When and where are the 3 day live trainings?

If you would like to host a training in your area get in touch, Email: [email protected]


27th, 28th, 29th January 2023 (9.30am-4.30pm) at Devata Holistic Centre, Portadown.

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