Devata Holistic School NI

76 Lurgan Road, Portadown


  • Do you know that there's more to life than the dreary 9-5 and dream of having your own business?
  • Maybe you have already started your holistic healing business but want to learn more. 
  • At Devata Holistic School we can help you get started with the healing practice of your dreams.
  • Most of the massage/reflexology courses below are in person at our school in Portadown, N-Ireland.
  • You can take some of our courses online:
    Womb Wisdom Practitioner
    Her Hypnosis Practitioner
    Women's wellness reflexology
    Womb healing retreat

“The goal in healing is not to heal others, but to inspire them to awaken the healer within them.”

I'm Lynn

  • I've been a holistic therapist since 2007, opened Devata Holistic Centre in 2012 and began teaching therapies in 2014.
  • So with almost a decade experience teaching hundreds of students, you are in good hands.
  • I always take a holistic approach, and teach on the mind-body-emotions connection.
  • My courses are accredited by The Guild, and come with a Practitioner certificate that you can gain insurance and practice professionally.
  • I teach short courses because I believe those with a passion and purpose for this work do not need hundreds of hours completing assignments at a computer, but rather they need 100% hands on practical training, and that is what my courses provide.

 Womb Wisdom Massage

Womb Wisdom Practitioner blends ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and womb massage alongside practical coaching of women through their menstrual cycle and hormones.  The in person trainings include learning the full Womb Wisdom massage and how to run your own sacred healing circles.  These sessions are profoundly healing for yourself first and have been called "lifechanging" by our students.

This course is suitable for beginners. 
If you are not a massage therapist, additional training and qualification will be provided.


Reflexology Practitioner

6 practical lessons + online learning

Starts Tuesday 14th February 6.30pm-9pm for 6 weeks

Reflexology is the art of applying pressure to points on the feet which correspond to each part of the body.  It helps restore energy flow and balance to the being.  It is the most popular holistic treatment, due to its variety of health benefits and you can have a flourishing career as a Reflexologist.

This course is suitable for beginners.


Women's Wellness Reflexology

ONLINE STUDY + optional one day training TBC

This is an advanced reflexology course for qualified reflexologists and current students.  In this course I have compiled all my knowledge of working with women's hormones, fertility, pregnancy, menopause and baby reflexology all in one convenient course.  All the course material is inside an online learning portal for you to learn at your own pace.  For those who like hands on practice, you can come to Devata Holistic Centre for a one day practice class. Various dates throughout the year.


Hormone Hypnosis Practitioner

ONLINE STUDY + live zooms starting Monday 6 February 2023 for 5 weeks

My brand new Hormone Health & Hypnotherapy certification!  This is something really special.  You will receive practical training in becoming a successful hypnotherapist + done for you programs in women's hormones, fertility and hypnobirthing so you can get started as a specialist in women's health ASAP!


Thai foot & leg massage 

Saturday 18 February 2023

My signature Thai foot leg and massage begins with a Thai stretching massage of the legs, blended with the application of Thai hot herbal compress followed by a Thai foot massage using Thai wooden stick.

This course is suitable for beginners.


Hot Stone massage 

Sunday 26 February 2023

Advanced class for existing massage therapists.  Learn the ancient art of hot and cold stone application to the body.  A client favourite in the colder months, this treatment soothes achy muscles as well as providing deep relaxation.

Pre-requisite: Body Massage/Level 3 Beauty


Indian Head massage 

Saturday 4 March 2023

Learn the ancient art of Ayurvedic (Indian) Head Massage.  Includes massage of the neck, shoulders, head and face.

Suitable for beginners.


Full body massage 

Starts Saturday 18th March for 5 weeks (9am-1pm)
(excluding Easter Saturday 8 April)

Full body massage is the foundational piece for any holistic therapist.  In this course I teach both western swedish massage as well as techniques from the far East, Balinese massage, ensuring your clients become repeat customers with your expert touch.

Suitable for beginners.