Are you ready to be a sought after holistic practitioner for women with a fully booked practice?

YES? theN you are in the right place.


Introducing the Fertile Woman Practitioner™ 

Women's coaching, fertility massage, mindset & emotional energy healing.

150+ hour training

Fertile Woman Practitioner™ combines expert knowledge of the female body from a holistic perspective (hormones, cycles, periods, fertility, womb healing) with mind-body-emotional healing techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique, T.I.M.E Technique and includes a 12 week done for you fertility coaching program for you to use with your clients.




How would it feel to help women find the ROOT CAUSE?

The mind-body-emotions coaching techniques you learn will help women to identify the root, and the therapies like E.F.T, T.I.M.E, R.C.R, Abdominal massage will help them to release the emotional wounding at the core while also making powerful shifts in their subconscious minds.

What experience is needed for this program:

You do not need any previous experience, you simply study all the online modules, and complete 5 coaching case study sessions and you will be certified as a Fertile Woman Coach™.


This is for already qualified massage therapists.  
You complete all the online material to become a coach, and also take an advanced fertility massage training with one to one assessment and 10 massage case studies to complete.
The massage is a specialised abdominal sacral massage with ayurvedic marma points.

You will then be certified as a Fertile Woman Practitioner™


If you are in the UK and would like to take a body massage course to enable you to do the practitioner course, I can put you in touch with a trainer near you.  If you are outside the UK you will need to look for a suitable course. But remember you can still become a Fertile Woman Coach without any massage training!


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it is my dream that soon all women will turn to holistic healing FIRST.

In my experience women are sick and tired of getting nowhere with their doctors.  They're being told to mask the problems by " just go on the pill" 

And after years or even decades of not ovulating on the pill, they find themselves unable to conceive, and then they’re advised “just have IVF”. 

 If only it were that simple.

I have worked with hundreds of women who have had multiple rounds of IVF fail before doing this inner work, only to find when they go deeper into the emotional work, they get pregnant naturally.  Why is that?  Because this work that we are doing with women goes to the root cause, it shifts energy blockages, it reprograms the doubts in their mind, and you as their guide, can help them to restore faith in their own bodies as being their ultimate healer.



Hey I'm Lynn


After over a decade helping women with fertility and hormones, I now help holistic professionals heal their shit and build lightworking empires so they can live a truly soul-led life, without the wounding that's been holding them back from their big goals.

My own fertility struggles led me to create my first fertility program because I wanted to provide a "one stop shop" for my clients where they could come for coaching, massage therapy, energy healing, ancestral healing, subconcious mind work all in one place, one package.

In 2020 I was divinely guided to teach this work to other therapists so that we can reach women all over the world with these life shifting modalties.

Teach me!

is this program for you?

I'm looking for a particular type of woman to lead the way, and be a guiding light for women all around the world.


  • You are holistically minded: aka you believe that the mind, body, emotions + spirit must all be addressed for true healing to occur.
  • You genuinely care about other women and want to use your knowledge to uplift, inspire and lead women to a new way of being.
  • You are willing to do the inner work on yourself during this program too.
  • You are NOT looking for a program based on science, and in depth study on the female body and hormone test results.  There are other programs on that.  Here  we embrace the ancient wisdom, which sometimes makes no logical sense, it just is.
  • You just know there is more to life, and you desire to have a wealthy business because you know you can serve more, without the daily stresses of money worries.
  • We have many holistic therapists join this program, but you do not need to have any existing qualifications to join, just a passion for learning this soul work.

There has never been a better time to step into this work.  As the divine feminine rises, more and more women are searching for holistic solutions and craving true emotional healing.

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • Being able to hold space for incredible transformation and deep emotional healing for the women you work with.
  • Your clients having real, tangible, lasting results and referring you to all their friends.
  • Having a fully booked practice with a 3-6 month waiting list, working part-time hours but earning more than you ever have before.
  • Stepping into your confidence as a coach and healer because you have the techniques mastered and a proven formula to follow.
  • Spending less time online because you will learn the simplicity of marketing your business to the right people.
  • Have stopped trading your precious time for money, because you will have learned how to create programs for your clients, so you can spend less time searaching for clients, and more times doing things you love!

I know all this is possible, because I've done it myself and I am holding massive space for you to step into your true power and greatness as a professional coach and healer!


Are you ready to find out what you get in this program? 
I'm so excited to share it with you!


The expert.

This program will empower you with all the knowledge you need to be an expert in women's reproductive wellness from a holistic perspective.

Jam packed with over 60 short video lessons covering a range of alternative healing methods for women including:

  • Energy healing for women
  • Ayurveda for women
  • Womb healing
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Cyclical living
  • Hormone health
  • Reproductive conditions
  • Infertility
  • Fertile Woman massage

If you are not a massage therapist, you will need to take a basic body massage course (extra fee) to use the fertile woman massage, however you can still become a Fertile woman coach.

be a support


The coaching industry is booming!  Even during the pandemic (you can be a coach 100% online!)
 You will learn how to become an expert and certified coach, who knows how to ask powerful questions to provoke deep, lasting change in your clients.  

  • My 6 step coaching method to support your clients through all their ups and downs.
  • How to create rapport with your clients and ask powerful questions.
  • My signature mind-body-emotions style of coaching to get answers from the subconscious mind and delve into the emotional root cause of the problem.
  • Done for you 12 week fertility coaching course with assessments, journalling exercises and handouts for your clients.

It's all put together for you so you don't have to figure it all out!

hold space as

the transformational coach:

From your coaching sessions, you can determine which healing modalities would best serve your client.

Womb massage is wonderful but you will also learn:

  • E.F.T - Emotional freedom technique is like acupuncture without the needles, by tapping on points you can release unresolved emotional issues.
  • Root Cause Release - energy testing to find where emotions are stored in the body and releases them through energy, intention and touch.  
  • T.I.M.E combines the conscious and subconscious minds to create powerful shifts.   We access the subconscious mind and can release emotions, limiting beliefs and program the future for success.
  • Womb & Ovary meditations -  scripted for you to guide your clients through.

Lead the way as a successful


I want Fertile Woman Practitioner's to be wildly successful with thriving, booked out practices - and this section will help you do just that!


  • The exact roadmap to creating a thriving coaching business, including when how and what to launch your one to one program.
  • The mindset and energetics of a 6 figure business owner
  • How to package and price your offers
  • Build your following on social media (without spending your life on it!)
  • Systems for consistent audience growth and income
  • How to write posts that captivate and convert followers into paying clients
  • Processing payments, contracts, client calls
  • Tech trainings on website, landing pages, canva and email marketing

In a nutshell everything you need for a thriving business online and offline on autopilot!

On top of all of that you get DONE FOR YOU programs + marketing materials, so you can focus more on serving your clients and less on behind the scenes!


12 week fertility coaching program

12 sessions laid out for you in suggested order, so you can take the brainwork out and focus only on your client results.  Includes handouts to give your clients things to work on between sessions.

£997 value

Marketing materials

Beautifully designed opt in freebies, ebooks, workbooks and social media images to promote your program, yours to brand as your own.  No more wasting precious time in Canva!

$397 value

E.F.T & Meditation scripts

To guide your clients seamlessly through healing processes during their sessions.  No need for you to get creative - unless you want to!

$197 value

what are you waiting for?




Was £1497 - SAVE £500 + Pay in Full Bonus save an additional £350!)




6 monthly payments





It is important to gain public liability insurance and therapist insurance when working with coaching or massage clients.

We partner with BGi insurance who cover the UK and Europe.

If you are outside the UK, please check if you can get insurance cover for the Fertile woman practitioner - we are an over 150 hour training, accredited by Think Tree Hub.

What if 2022 could be the year you change your business, income and life forever?  You have been guided here for that very reason..


You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee

If you decide within 14 days of purchase this program is not for you, you can apply for a refund.

NO refunds can be processed after 14 days due to the digital nature of this program.

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